Are You Ready To Join The Ranks Of Women Celebrating Success, Ease, and Delight in Their Business? Then You're Ready To Join The Quantum Sisterhood!

In the Quantum Sisterhood, you will:

- Up-level your business, your wealth, and yourself through a unique combination of strategy, coaching, relationship, and quantum growth

- Boost your vibe by up-leveling your tribe; The Quantum Sisterhood is a carefully selected cohort designed to re-calibrate your energy, your network, and the CEO's who will share the journey from four- and five-figures to six with you

- Receive exclusive 1:1 coaching monthly with Janelle

- Move from merely building your business into EXPERIENCING massive success


What If Business Strategy & Friday Night Margaritas With Your Besties Collided?
That's What It Feels Like Inside The Quantum Sisterhood.

When take your seat in this cohort, it will feel fabulous.

You'll be challenged and supported, nurtured and celebrated, equipped and encouraged.


In this Sisterhood you will share your gifts and receive from others.
​You will shine brightly and combine your light with that of your sisters.


You will find support beyond your imaginations, strategy that has helped dozens of women surpass their goals in less time than they could have ever dreamed, and the biz besties you always wondered if you'd ever find. 


This will be unlike any experience you've ever had
and give you results unlike any you've ever experienced.

If you're ready to stop working your business and start experiencing success,
what are you waiting for?



It's time to celebrate the light and gifts inside of you, and start leveraging them for massive success.


It's time to share your strengths with others in a community of like-minded, strong, gifted women who would be a gift to you and appreciate the gift you would be to them.


And that's why I'm inviting you into this incredible, exclusive sisterhood.


Not only will you join with these other women, you and I will meet and I'll help you take the inspiration, momentum, and strategy you gain here to further amplify your results. I'll see you there, sister CEO!


All the yummy details:

This is a six-month program for women who are making four-figures a month and are ready to take a quantum leap and collapse their success timeline to reach the $100,000 mark in 2021. This is for you if you're ready to receive all the tools, support, energy, encouragement, and community needed to hit $100,000+ in abundant wealth over the next year.


With monthly virtual meet ups combined with focused individual coaching each month, The Quantum Sisterhood is an unparalleled experience for carefully chosen women who will grow together and up level in unparalleled ways.


Janelle is only inviting women whose mindset, energy, intuition, skill, and business brilliance will enhance this cohort; it's a safe and guarded space where you can flourish with joy. 


The Quantum Sisterhood is a place where women will be equipped to enjoy generating abundant wealth without the exhausting hustle; it's a commitment to yourself, your business, and your sisters.  Are you ready?

Hi, I'm Janelle Lara - wife, mom, and multi-six-figure entrepreneur.


I'm the original Part-Time CEO® and I believe it's not only possible to grow your business in twenty hours or less a week, but incredibly doable. With your natural intuition, business savvy, and the beautiful support of other women you can not only achieve your goals but generate an overflow of wealth that allows you to fulfill a greater purpose.


It's my honor to lead women who not only want to create wealth for their families, but who give generously because they know they have a purpose.


Whether your goal is to manifest enough wealth to share, or to give your family the life you only dreamed of, I want to stand beside you and this Sisterhood to bring your wildest dreams into fruition.


Let's build, together.



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