Are you a coach who is ready to step into your full power, expand your talent stack, and differentiate yourself in the market?





The Quantum Business School is the ONLY program on the market that TEACHES you how to be a Healer*, enables you to EMBODY the Six-Figure Business Owner** you already know you can be, AND gives you the STRATEGY to be wildly successful**.


My time in the Quantum Business School was insanely potent. 

I now have an offer that’s so easy to sell, feels really aligned, and I get the most amazing clients from it. Not only did we do the energy stuff...but [Janelle] really understands the strategy and what is going to work for YOU. Each person is unique and needs a different strategy and Janelle’s way of pinpointing what that is, is a talent for sure. The QBS is amazing!


~Rachel Weaver, Owner of Cloud 9 Marketing**

With a combination of coaching, quantum healing, energy work, and quantum business strategy, I will be guiding future healers and future six-figure business CEOs to embody the identity of a 6-figure CEO** & equipping them with the ability to bring energy healing into their own client work*.


The Quantum Business School is where I first realized a six-figure business was possible. My clients are already benefitting from what I learned and our CEO-time helped me plug the leaks in my business.


~Theresa Pride, Clinician Owner Pride Physique**



The moment I combined energy work with business strategy, everything shifted for me. Everything.


I became a Six-Figure CEO just 3 months later, then I hit multi-six-figures**.





Just imagine...


Goals you thought you'd achieve in years are now available to you in just months.


You're serving women every single week who have been waiting for the transformation only *you* can provide...


​You now embrace (and joyfully use!) the gifts and talents you always sensed you had, and even better, they are profitable**.


You enjoy saying "Yes!" instead of "Not yet" to your kids, your spouse, and yourself...


Because you are the CEO of a Quantum Business.


I've found healing in the parts I didn't even know were affecting me and then doing the same thing for my clients. The results have been intensely powerful and touching.


It's amazing the amount of tools we now have in our pockets to use in our business! And we get to see the results without hustling.


~Nikki Ahow, Life Coach Business Coach**

The Quantum Business School is not merely another course.


It's a transformative 12-week experience that will equip you to build your own six-figure business** by pairing your gifts and talents with solid strategy and quantum energy work*.


The Quantum Business School is for you if:


- You know you have talents and gifts that you can't explain, and you are ready to start using them to support your clients.

- You have a business already, and have serviced clients.

You are DONE with one-size-fits all programs and are ready to get the tools you need to build the business of your dreams.


I incorporate [energy healing] with all of my clients now; it's quick and easy...and it works. 


Just one session and you can see a difference! This is just

what I needed to add to my business to get my clients better results.


~Mercedes Saurbaugh, Owner Into The Woods Retreat**


All the yummy details:

​When you join The Quantum Business School, here's what you'll learn*: 

  •  The Science Behind The WooHow it all works
  •  Unlock Your Healing Gifts: (You have them!)

  • Abu-n-dance Codes: Unlocking abundance codes, CEO codes and removing scarcity and lack from your DNA

  • Reiki: You will be Reiki attuned!

  • How to do Inner Child Work

  • Clearing the Blocks and Limiting Beliefs Inside the Body

  • Embodying the CEO You Want to Become

  • The Art of Profitable PlayCreating Aligned offers, How to incorporate Mindset & Healing into your work, no matter what it is.

  •  A Channeled BusinessBringing God/ The Divine as your Board of Directors

  • Quantum Marketing Strategy

  • Calibrating & Coding Your Content To Ensure it Attracts Your Ideal Clients

  • Quantum Sales Strategy: Unlocking your sales codes


PLUS Get These Fabulous Bonuses FREE When You Sign Up Today: 

  •  Energetic Sales Signature WorkshopLearn your most effective marketing energy and how to use it.
  •  Secret Launch System Workshop: That's right...launch and make money - secretly! It's the way to profit without hustle.

  • No Brainer Retainer Workshop: Create an offer they can't refuse and is fun, simple, and impactful for them (and you!).

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Are you ready to become more of who you were meant to be?


Hi, I'm Janelle Lara - wife, mom, and multi-six-figure entrepreneur.


I'm a Quantum Business Healer, Manifestor human design, and the original Part-Time CEO®. I believe it's not only possible to grow your business in twenty hours or less a week, but inevitable (as long as you embody the best of who you are).


I help powerful women access their natural intuition, teach them quantum business strategy, and teach them how to re-code their DNA to become who they are meant to be. With this, and the beautiful support of other women, you can not only achieve your goals but generate an overflow of wealth that allows you to fulfill a greater purpose.


It's my honor to equip women with the gifts already inside of them, nurturing what their soul is read to share and calling even more greatness forth. 


Let's build, together.



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