What if You Could Use Your Soul-Gifts,
Access Your Clairvoyance, and Get Paid to Radically Transform Your Clients?


Learn How to Incorporate Energy Healing, Mindset Work, and Inner Child Transformations into your business & become a certified Abundant CEO. 

In The Abundant CEO Mindset Course & Certification Program, you will:

- Discover your unique soul gifts as well as your healing abilities (yes, you have them!)

- Unlock your abundance codes and learn how to help others do the same

- Learn how to incorporate healing, mindset work, and inner child transformations into your business to not only generate abundant wealth for yourself, but abundance and mind-blowing transformations for those you serve, as well 

Have you been waiting too long to unlock your true power and purpose?

Do you *know* there are women out there who need the transformations you can provide?


Have you often felt you have abilities that you simply didn't know how to put into words?


If thats you, you are ready to become an Abundant CEO

And I'm here to teach you how.

When I started business coaching, I thought it was 80% strategy and 20% mindset.

Boy, was I wrong.

Very quickly, I learned that in order for my clients to have the transformations they were looking for, I'd have to go deeper.


So I did. 


I learned how to do inner child work.

Cue the tears, the healing of decades old wounds, and the realization that chains of the past have been set free.


Then, I learned how to do energy healing.

That's when things got good.


Overnight, my clients started experience massive business success, but it wasn't just that.

- Old pains from car accidents disappeared (up to 90%)

- Clients came out of nowhere.

- Emotional burdens they didn't know they were carrying were lifted.


I realized, I had to teach this process.


It's not easy, but it's certainly not as hard as everyone has led you to believe.

The Secret?

You just have to realize you can.


We'll tap into gifts you may not even realize you have, add solid strategy and equip you to serve your people in ways you've only dreamed about.


In addition, you'll receive The Abundant CEO certification stamp to display on your site, you'll be featured in The Abundant CEO resource directory, and you'll have the credibility to stand out from the crowd.


If you're ready to up-level, don't wait. It's time to become an Abundant CEO.


All the yummy details:

When you join The Abundant CEO Mindset Course And Certification program, you will be blown away by the progress you make first in your own life and business and then in the transformation you'll be able to provide for your clients.


You will uncover your soul-gifts, the healing gifts you have inside of you, and so much more. You'll learn to lean into your natural energy and authentically serve in ways you were created to instead of what you are told are the market demands.


And in doing so? That's where you'll discover (and delight in!) your abundance.


The Abundant CEO Mindset Course & Certification Program will be educational, experiential, and relational. You will grow and learn and expand your network by getting certified alongside other highly motivated, deeply gifted, and successful women which is a priceless gift.


When you've completed the course work, you will receive your certification and be shared in our directory as a certified Mindset and Abundance Coach.  Here's what you'll learn:

  • Week 1- The Science Behind The WooHow it all works
  • Week 2- Unlock Your Healing Gifts

  • Week 3-  Abu-n-dance: Unlocking abundance codes and playing with your gifts

  • Week 4- How To Do Inner Child, Mindset, and Healing Work

  • Week 5- The Art of Profitable PlayCreating Aligned offers, How to incorporate mindset & healing into your work

  • Week 6- A Channeled BusinessBringing God on as a business partner, your sales codes, leveraging calibrated energy, ease




Hi, I'm Janelle Lara - wife, mom, and multi-six-figure entrepreneur.


I'm the original Part-Time CEO® and I believe it's not only possible to grow your business in twenty hours or less a week, but incredibly doable. With your natural intuition, business savvy, and the beautiful support of other women you can not only achieve your goals but generate an overflow of wealth that allows you to fulfill a greater purpose.


It's my honor to equip women with the gifts already inside of them, nurturing what their soul is read to share and calling even more greatness forth. 


Let's build, together.



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