Are You Called To Join The Exclusive Collective Of

Brilliance, Intuition, & Abundance In The

In the Six-Figure Sisterhood Elite, you will:

- Up-level your business, your wealth, and yourself

- Truly step into your role as a Six-Figure take home CEO

- Rub shoulders and link arms with other fabulous women as you grow together, manifesting abundance for one another as well as yourself

- Receive exclusive 1:1 coaching monthly with Janelle 

- Enjoy two luxury in-person retreats that will poise you for explosive growth


There are only six seats available at the table;

is one of them yours?

When you slide into your seat at this table,

You will be celebrated. You will grow. You will sparkle.


At this table you will give generously and receive abundantly.


You will find unparalleled support, tap into potential you didn't even know you had, give the gift of your own intuitive brilliance, and receive the strategy and energy you need to bring your business to the multiple six-figure mark.


This will be unlike any experience you've ever had
and give you results unlike any you've ever experienced.

Hello there, bold and beautiful CEO.


I see you. You have amazing abilities inside of you just waiting to be channeled into your business. 


I also see what a tremendous gift a community of like-minded, strong, gifted women would be to you, and the gift you would be to them.


And that's why I'm inviting you into this incredibly exclusive sisterhood.


This isn't a group program or a course; this is a hand-picked, invitation-only group of women who will bring their light, their brilliance, and their unique energy to the table where we will all grow and manifest abundant wealth together and for each other, not just ourselves.


And beyond that, I will meet with you and help you focus the inspiration, momentum, and strategy you gain at the table to further amplify your results.


I'll see you at our table, sister CEO.

In the 2020- 2021 Six-Figure Sisterhood Cohort, 100% of the women created a $100,000 business. Most of them are up-leveling into Elite, so spots are limited.. Click here to listen to a podcast with 2 members of The Six-Figure Sisterhood, sharing their experience.


All the yummy details:

This is a one year program for women who have earned at least $100,000 in the last twelve months and are ready to soar past the $200,000 mark and receive all the tools, support, energy, encouragement, and community needed to take home $100,000 next year.


With monthly brunch club meetings, focused individual coaching each month, plus two all-inclusive, in-person retreats to give you tangible business building assets such as videos, photos, headshots, and more, the Six-Figure Sisterhood Elite is an unparalleled experience for six carefully chosen women.


Janelle is only inviting women whose mindset, energy, intuition, skill, and business brilliance will enhance the sisterhood. It's a place for generous givers and open-minded learners, where giving and receiving are a flow. And it's a place where dreams and potential collide and become breathtaking reality.


The sisterhood is a place where abundant and overflowing wealth is manifested for all who join it; it's a commitment to yourself, your business, and your sisters.  Are you ready?

Hi, I'm Janelle Lara - wife, mom, and multi-six-figure entrepreneur.


I'm the original Part-Time CEO® and I believe it's not only possible to grow your business in twenty hours or less a week, but incredibly doable.


With your natural intuition, business savvy, and the beautiful support of other women you can not only achieve your goals but generate an overflow of wealth that allows you to fulfill a greater purpose.


It's my honor to lead women who not only want to create wealth for their families, but who give generously because they know they have a purpose.


Whether your goal is to manifest enough wealth to share, or to give your family the life you only dreamed of, I want to stand beside you and this Sisterhood to bring your wildest dreams into fruition.


Let's build, together.



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